Remain NFHS Compliant with Champion Teamwear’s Custom Volleyball Looks

As the official uniform and apparel provider of NFHS, Champion Teamwear works directly with NFHS’s national rules interpreter to ensure our gear meets their guidelines and rule changes. In addition to NFHS national rules interpreters, our knowledgeable team of reps is here and ready to help your team create a compliant volleyball look with ease! Read on and get to know these guidelines before your next season.

Remain Compliant with our Guidelines

We know NFHS guidelines might be confusing, even for seasoned volleyball coaches. That’s why Champion Teamwear has created an easy guide to help your team craft the perfect compliant look.

Pick your colors

According to the NFHS, all teammates (except for the libero) must wear a like-colored uniform top and bottom. Uniform bottoms can be multiple styles – shorts, spandex, pants, etc. – but must be like-colored.

Numbers and Decoration

Players’ numbers should be at least 4 inches tall on the front of the uniform, and 6 inches tall on the back. The number should be clearly visible – a plain, Arabic numeral of solid color that sharply contrasts the color of the uniform. A single school name, mascot and/or player’s name may be placed on the body of the uniform top, but can’t disrupt the visibility of the number. A single mascot or team name is permitted on the uniform bottom, and if a number is worn on the bottoms, it must match the number on the uniform top.

It’s in the Details

When it comes to designing your team’s perfect uniform, it’s all in the details. Design elements like piping, trim, and others can affect your uniform’s compliance.

Piping/trim does not need to be placed on a seam, and there are no width requirements. References to school mascots can be used in the design if they don’t interfere with the legibility of the number. A mascot or school name may also be placed on the sleeves.

Libero Uniforms

The libero is a defensive specialist position in indoor volleyball. According to NFHS guidelines, this player must wear a predominantly colored uniform that differs from the uniform color of the rest of the team. The accent colors of the rest of the team’s uniforms can be used as the predominant color for the libero; however, if multiple predominant colors are present on the standard uniforms, neither of these colors can be used on the libero, even if placed differently.

Your Perfect Compliant Look

Whether you’re a first-time coach or a seasoned champ, Champion Teamwear is ready to help you craft the perfect NFHS compliant volleyball uniform now. Don’t wait to get your uniforms for next season. Let our experienced reps at Champion Teamwear help you design your team’s look or start designing online today at

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