School’s Pink Uniforms Keeps Coach’s Memory Alive

November is here and Breast Cancer Awareness Month has come and gone. As we have once again witnessed, the #PowerOfPink can be a compelling force.

We want to thank everyone who participated in raising awareness this October! In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Deanna Jackson, Cheatham County High School cheer coach, shared the special meaning behind their pink uniforms.


“The story behind our pink uniforms is one that I hope passes on from cheer team, to cheer team, for years to come. Our “For Leanne” uniforms are just that, “For Leanne”.  Leanne Pulley coached with me, Deanna Jackson, at Cheatham County Central High School beginning in 2012. The impact she made on all the lives she touched was remarkable, especially beginning in 2013.

2013 was the year that we all received the devastating news that Leanne had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She showed all of her cheerleaders, and our small town, what the face of a fighter looks like. She never gave up in her long fight with breast cancer. Leanne was the epitome of strength.

She finished up chemo in December of 2013, and was on top of the world to have finally beat the “C” word, and be returning to normalcy again. Most people take for granted normalcy, and that was something that she appreciated. Whether it was a boring day of nothing, and nothing to do, or running herself ragged to practices, and games, she appreciated all of those moments in life.


In December of 2014, one year after finishing up chemo, she received news from the doctor that the cancer was back, and had spread. As heartbreaking as this was to her, her family, friends, cheer team, and everyone that was a part of Leanne’s life, she still didn’t give up. She was the one that was always giving strength, passing on words of encouragement, and keeping us all pushing on.

In October of 2015, the Cheatham County Central High School Cubs Football team came together, and came up with the idea to surprise Leanne, myself, Leanne’s daughter Sarah, who is also a cheerleader, and the other team members, with pink “For Leanne” uniforms to wear for years to come. They wanted each cheer team to pass her story down, year after year. There aren’t too many football teams across this nation, that back their cheerleaders like our football team. I credit that to our small town, and how we all rally behind each other in good times, and bad. Leanne was able to see the pictures of what the team would be wearing the next season, football season 2016, pink “For Leanne” uniforms, before her untimely passing in November 2015.


This October, 2016, we have proudly worn our pink uniforms, and will do so for years to come. What our football team did for us, for Leanne, for her daughter Sarah, you cannot express in words, and when you try, it typically ends in tears. Not always sad tears, but happy tears too, for a life that will be honored, and deserves to be honored, for years to come. These pink uniforms would not be possible if it weren’t for a team of caring, young men, that have a remarkable coaching staff, that cared enough for their cheer team, to honor their coach.

Leanne’s fight taught her team, and community so much about life. She taught us to love, never give up, to be humble, and to have faith. It is my belief that Leanne was put here to touch all of the young lives she touched. These uniforms will just be a reminder of that, and to help to keep her memory alive.  #TeamLeanneForever”

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