Stay Cool, Look Hot: 2017’s Summer Trends

Summer is your chance to step outside of your usual go-to items and learn to be daring and fun. Want to start your summer on a trendy note, but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here’s the fashion trends we’re wearing this summer.

Flirty Florals


Incorporate tropical paradise into your wardrobe when you rock floral prints this summer. Fun and flirty, floral prints make you feel like the beach is a 5 minute walk away…even if you’re in the Midwest. From shorts, dresses, tees and bags, bring this summertime trend to life in 2017.

Flannel Fever

Flannel is all the rage as grunge makes an encore. Rock your flannel as a tee, dress, accessory…well the list goes on and on when it comes to flannel. Get some ballet flats, leggings, distressed jeans, and a variety of flannel shirts and you’ll be ready to rock this fashion phenomenon.

Universal Ensembles

Mixing and matching is what’s dominating the fashion scene in 2017. Everyone wants a statement piece that can be recycled in a new, unique way. Pair a printed bustier with distressed jeans or a flowy skirt to maximize your wardrobe options. Plus, your wallet will thank you.

Glamour Gladiator

Rule this summer like a gladiator when you slip into these sandals. Knee-high or below the ankles, this sandal is the must-have item you need if you’re obsessed with sandals and showing you’re on-trend. This walking accessory will make you feel unstoppable when you walk into the summer pool parties.

Runway Rompers

Long or short, everyone loves a romper! With so many prints and colors to choose from, this summer staple can be donned at weddings, beaches or to hang out with your friends at home. If you find an amazing romper never let it go! This look has made multiple comebacks since it was introduced into fashion.

Deconstructed Tees

Theo Huxtable probably wishes he were a teen in 2017, because deconstructed tees are so in. Bust out your failed attempts at sewing or old favorites you outgrew, because this trend is sticking around.

Ruffle Shuffle

Ruffle up your wardrobe with one of our favorite summer trends…ruffles! If you’re used to solid tees and blue jeans, the idea of wearing anything with patterns (let alone a ruffle) can be daunting and terrifying. But don’t stress, use this summer to break free of your daily duds and be a little daring. Small or big, create a fun and whimsical look while stepping out of your comfort zone.  Be bold and rock a ruffle…or two…or three.

Lunge or Lounge

Let’s be honest here…this trend won’t be going anywhere any time soon. (Hallelujah!) But don’t fall out from the summer heat because you were layering tanks, tees and leggings. Modify your athleisure look by switching out your leggings for vibrant shorts that will give you the athleisure vibe you want without the extra material.

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