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Top Campwear Trends for 2019

Champion Teamwear is ready to help you look your best in 2019 with our top campwear trends! Check out these 7 new campwear styles from the 2019 Champion Teamwear Campwear Catalog to get your whole cheer squad amped for camp.

How Champion Made its Mark on Sportswear

With a long history of groundbreaking advancements in team sportswear and athleticwear, it’s easy to see how Champion has made a permanent mark within the sports industry. From professional basketball […]

What is the Mark of a Champion?

What makes a garment qualified to have the Champion C? Mark of a Champion From the original Champion script, to the iconic “running man” logo of the 50s and 60s, […]

History of the Champion Sports Bra

For over 40 years, Champion has improved and innovated a revolutionary piece of women’s sports apparel, the sports bra. Since its inception in 1977, the sports bra has undergone major […]

How to Stay Hydrated During Your Season

As an athlete, keeping your body hydrated during the season is crucial to your health. From how much water you should consume each day to the dehydration symptoms to be […]