The Most Common 3v3 Mistakes in Rocket League with ViolentPanda

Mistakes are always inevitable in Rocket League. Whether these are mistakes of your own or mistakes from your teammate’s end, there is no stopping them because, well, we’re only human after all. When you are only beginning the game, you will make many mistakes per game and this is unavoidable. Persistence is the key, as with most things, and persisting through your mistakes and improving upon your own gameplay will only result in higher rankings and overall higher satisfaction in your ability.

Luckily, then, we have the help of professional Jos “ViolentPanda” van Meurs to guide you through the most common 3v3 mistakes in Rocket League and how to solve these within the games you play.

The Most Common 3v3 Mistakes

3v3 is the most common playlist in Rocket League, boasting the highest number of players in comparison to all other game modes. Bearing this in mind, it is understandable that you would want to improve upon any mistakes surrounding this playlist, especially considering that most tournaments revolve around 3v3.

We asked ViolentPanda on his opinion regarding the most common mistakes in the 3v3 playlist for players that are starting the game. In response, ViolentPanda stated, “Not being smart enough in rotations and teamplay. From the start you really have to think about what you’re doing wrong with rotations and try to improve them”. 

To sum this up, rotational ability is a strong point for improvement in the lower ranks. To quickly summarise rotations, two players in a 3v3 match should be on offense, one with possession over the ball and another awaiting a potential passing play. The third player should be closer to their own net in the case of a shot from the opposing team. When one of the opposing players return back to defense, the third player should push forward into an opposing position and the cycle continues like this. Sticking to this rotation will guide your 3v3 games in a positive manner and will make your team much more efficient than if no cycle was established. Below is a diagram demonstrating rotational positions for each player on the orange team.

Regarding higher ranks, though, ViolentPanda claimed, “Most mistakes in higher rankings is probably decision-making and being smart while playing. In the higher ranks, almost everyone has the mechanic skill to do great. It just depends on them being smart or not.”

Therefore, mechanical ability is often overshadowed by clumsy decision-making in the higher ranks. You may have the mechanical skill to perform fancy shots such as ceiling shots, air dribbles, and the like, but being smart in knowing when to put this skill to use is even more important to get to those highest rankings, and this certainly links back to the rotational ability discussed earlier.

In general, then, the most common mistakes in 3v3 matches include:

  • Not being smart in rotations
  • Not being smart in teamplay
  • Poor decision-making
  • Focusing too heavily on mechanical ability as opposed to being smart

Fixing Mistakes That You Might Make

If you are aware of the mistakes you are making, the best possible thing you can do is try to resolve them. Letting your mistakes linger in each of your online matches will only cause frustration and lack of advancement in your individual skill.

When asking him for the most effective form of self-improvement regarding these mistakes, ViolentPanda responded, “Just try to be smart and critique yourself on your own mistakes instead of critiquing others. It is the only way of improving what you are doing wrong.”

Generally, being your own criticizer is what will benefit you the most in Rocket League. In fact, one useful way of spotting your own mistakes and criticizing yourself is through saving your replays from 3v3 matches and re-watching them. This allows you to identify your weakest areas in your gameplay and further allows you to improve upon them in future matches. Basically, focusing on yourself over anyone else is the most important piece of advice.

When asked which aspect of the game new players of the game should work on first, ViolentPanda replied, “Their mechanical skill is the one that has to be improved first. If you’re getting better mechanically, then is the time to start critiquing yourself on decision-making and rotations.” As mentioned earlier, then, being smart is extremely important if you have the mechanical ability.

However, this mechanical skill (knowing how to control your car and consistently hit shots on target), according to ViolentPanda, should be the first feature of gameplay that beginners should act upon. Being smart in rotations might not mean much if you struggle with your mechanics.

Mistakes That Teams Make In 3v3 And How To Fix Them

As well as individual mistakes, team mistakes are also very frequent. As a couple of examples, ViolentPanda stated, “Decision-making, rotations, and teamplay are the three that makes a team good or not. So if you’re not doing those right, then you’re not a team.”

There is a common theme of mechanical ability mixed with being a smart player in regard to common 3v3 mistakes. As with individual mistakes, knowing how to rotate effectively and making the correct decisions are crucial in climbing the ranks as not only a beginner, but as an advanced player of the game. In regard to a team, though, the other common mishap is bad teamplay. ‘Teamplay’, here, is a bit of an umbrella term, covering the concepts that mechanical ability is required in effective teamwork as well as smart actions including rotational ability and knowing when to go for an offensive push.

When asked how he would suggest teams improve upon these mistakes, ViolentPanda suggested, “Work with each other, don’t be selfish, and try to improve together”. This is, perhaps, the most crucial advice regarding a whole team’s ability, as working together in a team is what will improve the chemistry between all players, which goes hand-in-hand in getting you those higher ranks.

The summarise, then, becoming a great player means to be consistent, be smart, be mechanically skilled, and be a fantastic team player. Mistakes will be bound to revolve around at least one of these points as you climb the ranks, so be sure to watch your replays and get straight back into the game to iron out those bumpy points in your gameplay.


The Dignitas article “THE MOST COMMON 3V3 MISTAKES IN ROCKET LEAGUE WITH VIOLENTPANDA” was written by Brandon “Wolfii” Wolfe.

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