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Tips for Balancing School, Social Life and Cheerleading

Being an active high school student is full of challenges, especially if one is fortunate enough to join the cheer team. Joining a sports team always comes with a big commitment and can sometimes turn out to be stressful if time is not managed properly.

Cheerleading can be an all-encompassing activity for a young person. Add to that the complex school assignments and social life of a high school student, and you can get an overwhelming schedule. Time can certainly seem limited, but with proper planning and effort, you’ll be able to maximize the time you have. Here are some ideas for balancing your schoolwork, social life and cheerleading activities.

First, think about all of the people in your life who can help you organize and manage your schedule. Keep your friends and family members posted on the things you have to do. Meet with your school guidance counselor and tell him or her your goals for the year. Talk to your coach if you are feeling stressed. Your coach will motivate you to be the best athlete and can also help you overcome the hurdles of high school life. Your support system of friends and family may provide effective ways to manage your schedule. Pay attention to advice they give.

A social life is vital for developing a healthy personality, and participating in high school teams and groups help with this endeavor. However, it is vital to balance this with the main reason for attending high school: academics! Remember that at some high schools, team membership is dependent on academic performance. In the end, your schedule is your personal responsibility, so use the tools available to you. Think about ways you can prioritize your responsibilities. You can set your mobile phone to act as a reminder for various important events and also help manage your availability. You can also make use of a planner to write down the various activities lined up for each day. The use of a to-do list will help you accomplish all your daily activities and also keep you organized. Make use of the time available to you prudently. Be attentive in your classes, and take every opportunity you have to do your homework.

Teenagers need more sleep than most people are willing to acknowledge. However, numerous school districts are pushing back the start of the school day to allow students the opportunity to get more sleep. Do not allow social functions, especially practice for cheerleading, to interrupt on time that should be spent sleeping. A well-rested student is the best-prepared student.

If you are a parent or coach of a cheerleader, be on the lookout for bullying behavior or misinterpretation of interactions of members of the cheer team. It can be especially easy for students who are still learning about social interactions to offend or feel offended by someone else. Monitor text messages, social media and in-person gatherings to identify the initial hints of a problem. By intervening early, it is possible to keep everyone focused on the positive aspects of the social group. A bully issue can have a negative impact on a young woman’s life.

With proper planning, you’ll be able to balance your schedule. Learning how to balance your social life, school and cheerleading activities will help you develop self-discipline and time-management skills that will be of great value to you later in life.

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