5 Tips For Preschool Tumbling

When teaching tumbling basics to preschoolers, there are several things you need to be successful. From maintaining your gymnasts’ attention to getting them excited to learn, Champion Teamwear has the top 5 tumbling tips you should incorporate into your classes.

Enthusiasm is key

When introducing a new lesson to your class, make sure to amp up your excitement. Fun, enthusiastic language is crucial when teaching preschoolers. By showing extreme interest in the new lesson, your gymnasts will be just as motivated and excited to learn.

Be the interactive instructor

Preschoolers are impressionable, so seeing you execute a cartwheel or handstand will pique their interest and motivate them to learn. To get your gymnasts’ attention, start with simple tumbling techniques like a somersault and add in challenging moves throughout the season.

Break up the method

Showing the entire technique or routine to your gymnasts can intimidate and cause them to lose interest. Instead of showing the entire routine all at once, break it up into smaller skills. This will not only help them comprehend the purpose of each skill but will give them a goal to strive for.

Are your gymnasts listening?

A preschooler’s mind can wander when they are bored, so make sure you still have their attention. One way to do this is to randomly stop the lesson and ask your gymnasts to do a simple command like putting their hands on their heads or hips. Once a few students begin to follow your command, the rest of the class will do the same. After you get the attention of your gymnasts, continue the class.

Correcting skills reduces injuries

As you introduce a new tumbling move to your gymnasts make sure you are spotting each step. This will not only help them learn the proper way to execute the moves, but it will prevent injuries caused by bad form.

Although our 5 tips will help make teaching tumbling basics easier and safer, there is one thing you should keep in mind during class…having fun! Gymnastics is a fun sport so make sure your athletes are enjoying every second of class.

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