Traveling Must Haves for the Modern Gymnast

With a handful of gymnastics competitions left before the end of the season, having everything you need to stick the perfect routine is crucial. From hair, uniforms and sleep, here are the essential items for the modern gymnast.

Baby wipes

Presentation on and off the mat is important at any gymnastics meet. Keep your hands and uniform chalk free with baby wipes. Benefits to the wipes include being disposable, easy to use, inexpensive, and it means less time spent in the bathroom.


competition bag Competition bag

Of course having a place to store all of your gear and spare items is extremely important. From the bus, hotel and the event, your bag will be with you from start to finish so a reliable and spacious bag will be effective. The GTM competition bag with shoe pockets is a great asset to any gymnasts’ packing and competitive needs. 



“Love, Love, Love! We are going to make these mandatory everyone to have next year,” customer Kimberly M said. “Having the shoe pocket is great! It keeps all their things together in one bag and it looks great too!”

-Kimberly M., Benton High School, Benton, WI.

 Hair ties and other supplies

Losing hair ties is an everyday problem, but it should be the last thing a gymnast should worry about the day of competition. Stock up on plenty of hair ties, sprays and bobby pins to keep your performance look first place worthy (store your back-up supply in the side pocket of your bag).


 Fleece blanket or jacket

Taking a power nap on a moving vehicle can be uncomfortable, and depending on the route, bumpy. So any opportunity to sleep on a stable surface will be important to keep up your energy. Keep a blanket packed in your competition bag to keep warm and fall into a deep slumber between your events. A well-rested gymnast can lead to better scores from the judges.

 Sewing kits

Although rips and tears to your uniform, warm-ups or other accessories are the last things on your mind; a sewing kit will be a vital add to your competition bag. Starting as low as $4, a trial sized sewing kit can ease any stress if a rip were to occur the day of competition.

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