Trendsetting New Patterns for 2018

Ever wonder how the year’s biggest trends were created? Champion Teamwear product designer Lauren Schoneman shares how our new patterns Optic Edge and Tie-Dye were created.

What was your team’s inspiration behind the new 2018 patterns and colors?

LS: 2018 is forecasted to be the year of being offbeat with a fresh, youthful take; juxtaposition, using the past to look forward and creating a connection to nature through technology. These key factors were used for the direction of our color schemes and patterns.

Colors: You will find a contrast of high-energy, synthetic brights supported by darker colors and the usage of lucid pastels. The juxtaposition of light and dark can also be seen in a nostalgic varsity throwback with deeper, tonal colors paired with white or gold/yellow.

Prints: As the world becomes more connected through technology, you will see contrasting elements within the designs; bold lines, geometrics paired with fluid, more natural elements and the emergence of taking a more natural print, but giving it a futuristic twist.

What are the stories behind them?

LS: From the forecasted trends, we took notice of bold, yet expressive, designs through decorative pattern and a connection to nature through technology. These ‘youthful’ ideas are exemplified in our two patterns, Optic Edge and Tie-Dye.

Tie-Dye: The idea came to fruition by the ongoing popularity with marble and nature-like element prints. We took this idea and merged it with the trend of taking something classic, like a tie-dye print and giving it a more futuristic take.

Optic Edge: This is a take on a decorative pattern, but more bold and dimensional. We wanted a more classic print that our customers could mix and match with other designs, and Optic Edge was the answer.

Why do you love these patterns?

LS: Optic Edge is a favorite for its juxtaposition of bold lines and on top of the marbled/watercolor print. It’s a new classic with a grounded youthfulness.

Tie-Dye encapsulates what we are seeing in the future byways of representing nature through technology, while also taking a modern approach to a throwback. All the layers of colors create this unique and pretty ‘rad’ design.

How did you choose the colors used in each pattern? Do they have meaning?

LS: Monochromatic is becoming hotter than ever through the ways you can create depth and texture with just a simple array of colors. We felt using Black and White, the most classic color scheme, we could give boldness to Optic Edge and best show the elaborate detail of the print.

Juxtaposition is coming up as the key concept for 2018, and we felt that Tie-Dye would be its best partner. By having your soft pastels intermixed with your saturated oranges (a key color for 2018) and hot pinks, you create a youthful yet confident look.

How did it feel seeing these designs go from line drawings to actual garments?

LS: It’s the most rewarding feeling. From concept to creation, the experience of taking these forecasted trends and making them a reality is surreal. When researching, you are only given the tools and the overall picture. After sifting through the broader scopes to create a specific narrative, the design group comes together and discusses how to keep the storyline going. Albeit trial and error, in the end, you are left with what you sought out to create.

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