Unite Your Squad This Cheer Camp

Cheer camp is a time for your squad to learn new skills and techniques, but most importantly it’s a time for your squad to create a bond. Here are three ways to unite your cheerleaders this summer.

  1. The Web

Have your squad get into a circle with one person holding a ball of string. This person will pass the ball of sting to a squad member and say something nice about them. The cheerleaders will continue to pass the string until everyone has received it. Once you’re done, your squad will be surrounded by a web of string which represents their unity.


  1. Pipeline

Divide your squad into two teams and give them several PVC pipes that are cut in half. Working together, the teams will transport a marble from a designated spot to a bucket without any pipes touching or dropping the marble. If the marble falls or any pipes touch, the team must start over. The first team to deliver the marble to the bucket is the winner.


  1. The Human Knot

Get your squad to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Each person will reach toward the center of the circle with their right hand and grab another teammate’s hand. The group will do the same with their left hands. Together, the group will have to untie the knot they have created without releasing anyone’s hand.


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