Volleyball Gear That Fits Your Team’s Regulations

Unpredictable. That’s one way to describe the fate of a volleyball team’s uniform as a new season begins. Constant uniform changes because of regulations result in teams scrambling to find a company that can adhere to these guidelines fast and within their budget. Does this scenario sound like something your volleyball team experiences season after season? Well don’t worry, Champion Teamwear’s got you covered.

How can Champion Teamwear help our volleyball team?

Our incredible style consultants will know your league’s regulations like the back of their hand. By knowing what can and cannot go on your uniforms, our style consultants will be able to blend the designs your team wants with your league’s official guidelines.

Should our volleyball team order UltraFuse or In-Stock uniforms?

The apparel possibilities are endless. Whether your team chooses the simplicity of in-stock or the daring prints of UltraFuse, we’ll help navigate you to the perfect style and product. Both product options are a great choice for any volleyball team, you’ll just need to choose the style that fits your team’s personality and needs.

Don’t let your league scare you from trying UltraFuse products! Our style consultants will make sure that no matter what UltraFuse design your team chooses, you’ll walk away with a look you’ll love and that aligns with your leagues’s guidelines.

Upgrade your team’s uniform while staying on budget

Whether your team has a big or small budget, Champion Teamwear will work with you to find the right look at the right price. Simply let your sales representative know what amount your team’s willing to spend this season and we will find and send you a variety of product options that are within your team’s budget.

Let the volleyball uniform experts help your team today!

Champion Teamwear wants all of our volleyball teams to stress less when it comes to their team’s apparel. We have researched the official guidelines from your league and will ensure that your team not only fits those standards, but looks stylish as well. So this season, stress less and spike more!

Contact a volleyball sales rep now to find your team’s NFHS compliant uniforms. Call 877-597-8086 today!

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  • Reply Ronny Howard December 5, 2016 at 11:21 am

    I’ve always wondered if volleyball players wear the same shoes as each other, or if they are different. I have seen different sports have matching uniforms as well as matching shoes, but I did not know if volleyball was the same. That would be interesting information to find out because my daughter is going to do volleyball next year and I am wondering if we should get her some shoes for Christmas or not.

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