What is the Mark of a Champion?

What makes a garment qualified to have the Champion C?

Mark of a Champion

From the original Champion script, to the iconic “running man” logo of the 50s and 60s, the Champion mark has undergone major changes to transform into the familiar “C” logo we know today.

When the modern Champion “C” was first sewed onto the left sleeve in the 1970s, the legacy of Champion as a provider of authentic athleticwear was firmly cemented into the world of sports. Since then, the familiar logo has been affixed to the left sleeve of every sweatshirt. With every sweatshirt since, the Champion logo has become synonymous with the quality and authenticity of the Champion brand. This mark signifies to athletes and fans alike that their apparel is part of a legacy spanning a century.

Legacy of Quality

The legacy of the Champion brand began when coaches at the University of Michigan took notice of high-quality Champion sweatshirts and sweatpants. By the mid-1920s, Champion had entered into their first partnership with the university. Soon, Champion garnered a reputation for high-quality sports apparel which spread to other schools nationwide, quickly helping Champion make their mark in the field of collegiate sports.

By the 1980s, Champion had been at the forefront of the most important sports innovations of the 20th Century. First was the Reverse Weave, an athleticwear staple invented in the 1930s that quickly gained a reputation for its comfort and durability. This was soon followed by the invention of the hooded sweatshirt, a garment introduced as a warm-up for athletes to wear during practice sessions or in-between game times. Then, Champion became the first to develop and manufacture a “breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric – the same fabric that would become a staple for basketball uniforms across the country. Finally, in 1977, the first Champion sports bra prototype was created. Each of these garments have become iconic staples of the Champion brand.

Throughout the 20th century to today, Champion has been committed to partnering with and producing apparel for top athletes around the world – from the 1960s Champion licensing program with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA), being the exclusive outfitter of all 27 NBA teams in the 90s, to modern partnerships like Dignitas and the Harlem Globetrotters. Their partnerships and commitment to producing the best in authentic sports apparel have athletes and fans alike wearing their Champion gear with pride.

Make Your Own Mark

With leading performance blended fabrics providing comfort and mobility, and a double-stitched hem for longevity and durability, Champion athleticwear is made to aid athletes in their quest to be the best by expanding their range of motion instead of restricting it.

Now the merging of GTM Sportswear into Champion Teamwear makes it easier than ever to make your own mark of a champion. Choose from 17 state of the art processes and thousands of templates to customize your Champion team look.

With a rich history of outfitting professional athletes, to bringing the comfort and durability of Champion apparel to sports teams of all ages, Champion has made their mark on the sports world. Join the Legacy and Make your Mark today at championteamwear.com

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