Why Team Involvement Is Great For College Applications

Four years of high school has prepared you for this…college applications. Filling out college applications can be a stressful and sometimes costly experience. Making every word and experience count will determine whether you get accepted or have to start the process all over again. To ease the stress of trying to get into the school of your dreams, here are 4 reasons you should include your team experience on your college application.

Ability to multi-task

Colleges are looking for applicants that can multi-task between their schoolwork and personal life successfully. As a student-athlete you have mastered this! During high school you juggled practices, a full class schedule and maybe even a part-time job. Good grades are required to remain on the team, so the fact that you handled it all (homework, game days and shifts), is something worth bragging about.

Shows you have leadership skills

Whether you were a captain, manager or the water person on your team, add any position that you held during your high school career. The selection committees love seeing someone who was willing to step up and take on responsibility.  There are countless benefits of holding an important position during high school, such as learning how to delegate, following directions and leading your team to success. Take your experience from the sideline to your college application and boost your chances of getting accepted.

Can adapt to any situation

During a game any thing can happen. Athletes have to adapt to any and every thing that happens during a game in a matter of seconds. Being able to adapt to any situation is a benefit that colleges and potential employers seek in an applicant. The ability to handle high levels of pressure means that you are capable of making deadlines and working through stressful moments during your college career.

Goal-setting skills

Sports are all about setting goals for yourself, long and short term, to not only improve upon yourself as an athlete but as a person. The ability to create, maintain and complete goals are a life skill that takes people years to master, but as a student-athlete it’s second nature. College committees want someone that can set attainable goals, focus on it and complete it…and you are that person.

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