You Know You’re A Gymnast If…

…You can walk better on your hands than your feet

Walking on your hands is second nature as a fact you prefer it. From seeing who can walk the furthest to handstand sessions, you love bonding with your fellow gymnasts.

…Pull ups are a breeze

Pull up contests with your friend were always a must. You had to show them who the stronger friend was right?

…You laugh when people ask about your off season

Off season? Pssht! We train all year buddy. Just make sure you laugh after they walk away…you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

…Your hands are always caked in chalk

As a gymnast your hands and leos are bound to have chalk on them. Gripping the equipment determines if you stick your routine or land a place in line at the hospital…and no one wants to be in the hospital. So cake those hands up with chalk and rock out that routine.

…People assume you want to be an Olympian

Although being offered a spot on the team would mean the world to any athlete, being asked if you’re training for the Olympics can get annoying fast. All you can do is smile and look for any way to change the topic…and FAST.

….You tend to add a little sass to everything you do

Whether you’re strutting the mat with an attitude or adding a little shimmy to the end of your routine, you make sure you bring it every meet. Impressing the judges is key in gymnastics and sometimes you accidentally take the sass from the mat and insert it into your life. At least you’re adding a little personality to your life right?

…You have a massive leotard collection

Your closet is filled, from top to bottom, with leotards. From your first to your latest leo, your closet looks like a warehouse for gymnasts. What can you say? Each one is significant to your gymnastics journey!

…You point your toes out of habit

Whether you’re waiting in line at a store or bored in class, you’re always pointing your toes. Your friends and family constantly have to tell you to stop.

…You get the best songs for your routine

You’ll be hearing these songs for a looooooong time….months actually. Making sure you’re getting songs worth competing to determines if you’ll be genuinely happy as you compete or if you have to force a smile the entire time.

…You have no social life

Being a gymnast means you’re at the gym almost daily. Although hanging out with friends sounds fun….you’d rather master your moves for the next meet. If sacrificing a few hang out sessions means you’ll place, you’re fine with having no social life.

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