You Were A Studio Dancer If…

Fall is finally here! This means dance studios are preparing for another year of new choreography, costumes and accomplishments. Here are eight things only studio dancers will understand.

You Dance?!…Show Me Something!

You love your friends…but when they find out you are a part of a dance studio they’ll ask you to show off your latest moves (constantly). The first time you’re all for it, but the constant requests can get annoying…fast.

I Can’t…I Have Dance…

Whether it’s a sports game, party or just friends wanting to get together, there’s a good chance you have to decline those invitations because of dance. Although it feels as if the whole world knows to schedule fun activities during your rehearsals, you know you’ll become a better dancer by choosing rehearsal instead.

When The Instructor Says “One More Time”

The three words that can make any dancer cringe or cry. “One more time” definitely means 12 more times of practicing that routine…or until it’s performed flawlessly… whichever comes first.

When You Get The Solo

Hearing that you’ve earned the coveted solo is one of the best feelings you’ll experience in studio dance…and no one will blame you for busting out a victory dance. Not only has your dance instructor noticed your amazing talent, but they’ve given you the opportunity to show off your skills in front of an audience.

The Look Your Friends Make When Your Bones Make A Noise

The indescribable noise that your bones make when you stretch, bend or even breathe usually results in a horrifying look from your friends. To you the noises are normal…but to them it sounds like you need a doctor…or two.

The Stage Parent Of The Studio

There’s at least one studio parent that will sit through every rehearsal and record the recital from start to finish.

The Costumes…

There’s a strong possibility that your recital costume will look…extreme. From the makeup, bling and more, you’re bound to get a stare or two from people walking into a restaurant.

Dancing Down The Grocery Aisles


An open space with a smooth surface?…JACKPOT! An empty aisle at a grocery store equals an impromptu practice area to perfect your turns, leaps and routine.  Just remember to not twirl into a grocery cart.

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