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You Were A Tennis Player If…

From improving your swings to building a bond with your doubles partner, your tennis season was a memorable adventure. Here’s 10 things only tennis players would understand.

The love/hate relationship with wind

Depending on which side of the court you were assigned to, a windy day meant either an epic advantage or a disappointing match. We know that you secretly hoped your opponent would struggle more than you.

“Are you sure?”

That annoying question that was asked almost every…single…match. Yes, the ball was out! Keeping your inner rage concealed when you heard that phrase should have been an award itself.

Chasing the adventurous tennis ball

You thought running during a match was a workout until you had to chase this yellow, fuzzy creature around the courts. Between ducking and dodging other tennis balls, you managed to get a major workout in when you fetched the ball.

“I got it” or “Mine” were common phrases

When you played doubles, shouting these phrases were key if you wanted to prevent an embarrassing collision with your partner…or a racket.

You felt like Mary Poppins

From headbands, sunglasses, water and more, your bag housed everything needed to survive tennis practice or matches. Mary Poppins didn’t have nothing on your tennis bag!

Using your opponent…or frenemy as your “target”

When you needed that extra “UMPH” to your serve you may, or may not have, used your enemy or opponent’s face as source of inspiration. Whatever it took to get that point right?

Your doubles partner was your BFF

When you played doubles you and your partner had to work hand-in-hand to win your matches. Whether they were scoring points like crazy or played like they had butter fingers, at the end of the day they understood your tennis struggles and your passion for the sport.

That grunt noise you made after a powerful serve

We’ve all heard the pros release a massive warrior yell when they swung a powerful serve, but when you did it two things ran through your mind…

1. You knew you killed that serve.


2. You questioned where this inner beast came from.

No ponytail holder = nightmare

When you forgot or broke your ponytail holder it meant you were in for a practice/match nightmare. Constantly having your hair block your line of vision was never fun.

When you accidentally hit someone with a tennis ball

You wished your racket was large enough to hide behind. Sure accidents happen and the other player usually understood, but there definitely weren’t enough hands to face palm yourself after an accidental hit.

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