You Were A Wrestler If…

The holidays are over which means that the delicious temptations wrestlers tried to avoid are long gone. To celebrate surviving the holiday season, here’s 10 things only wrestlers would understand.

Wearing a trash bag seems normal to you

This suit was your lifesaver when you needed to lose a few pounds before a match. Despite being a sweaty mess afterward, you were always “match ready” after a trash bag session.

Waking up before the sun rises

Joining the wrestling team meant you were up before the sun…and your peers. Although it was a painful thing to get used to at first, the early mornings were worth it if it meant you could compete.

Learning how to think two steps ahead

Wrestling is a strategic sport. Every move you made determined whether you won or lost the match. This meant you had to predict your opponent’s next move two steps ahead of time.

Running in the hallway was encouraged

You were so used to teachers telling you to slow down in the hallways that when your wrestling coaches gave you the A-Ok you booked it. Too bad they didn’t let you get away with this when you were late for class.

When you realized you surpassed your weight 

The sheer panic when you saw that you went over your weight was enough to give you a heart attack. There were two things that went through your mind….

1. Regret

2. The workouts you needed to do to get back on track

The random wrestling injuries

Walking in public after you received a wrestling injury typically resulted in a concerned look or comment from strangers and peers. All you could do is shrug your shoulders and say “I wrestle.”

Thinking of new ways to pin your opponents

No one wants to lose their match because they were too predictable. From complex maneuvers to psyching out your opponent, you’ve thought of everything to win your matches.

When you want food…but you’re too close to going over

It felt like everywhere you looked amazing food was an arm’s reach away. But you had to keep your cravings in check because you were close to going over your weight class.

When you won your match…

Being declared the winner was one of the greatest feelings you experienced during the season. You just had to remind yourself not to let your excitement show too much…you didn’t want to be docked for unsportsmanlike conduct.

When the season is finally over…

You did it! You have survived another season filled with stressful weigh-ins, trash bag jogging suits, and early practices/matches. Here’s to a few months of relaxation until the next season!

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